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Golda is a film directed by Guy Nattiv that tells the story of Golda Meir, the first female Prime Minister of Israel. The film follows Golda's journey from her early life in Eastern Europe to her leadership during one of the most challenging times in Israeli history.

The film begins with Golda's childhood and adolescence, highlighting her early exposure to Zionist ideals and her growing passion for the establishment of a Jewish homeland. It then traces her involvement in various political movements and her eventual immigration to Palestine.

As Golda becomes more involved in the Zionist cause, the film explores her relationships with key figures such as David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett. It showcases her political acumen and tireless dedication to the Zionist cause, leading her to play a significant role in the establishment of the state of Israel.

The film also delves into Golda's leadership during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, a conflict that posed a significant threat to Israel's existence. It portrays her tough decision-making and resolute determination in coordinating the country's defense efforts.

Throughout the film, Golda's personal life is also explored, including her marriage and motherhood. The challenges she faced in balancing her family life with her political aspirations are depicted, adding depth to her character.

Golda is a portrayal of a remarkable woman who defied societal conventions and became a trailblazer in Israeli politics. It offers insight into the complexities of her leadership and the sacrifices she made in pursuit of her ideals. The film aims to highlight the lasting impact of Golda Meir's legacy on Israel and the world.